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2022, Engagement is the new energy of The Empower Me Show with Special Guests Pam Bright & David Buck.

Pam Bright is a multi-dimensional healer, life transformation coach, and spiritual intuitive who uses a multitude of modalities to access and channel the frequencies of the spirit world. She is committed to assisting those who are ready to access, awaken, embrace and become the fullness of who they are by opening to and integrating the multiple levels of consciousness available to them through the spiritual guidance already all around them, so they can fulfill their soul’s purpose for being here at this time.

David Buck was born in Omaha, Nebraska but considers himself a native Washingtonian since he has lived here since he was 7 years old. One of David’s earliest memories as a child is listening to music on the radio, the first time he really became aware of people expressing their creativity and passion. It would spark a lifelong love of the performing arts as a medium for translating the human condition into experiences that can help others find meaning, understanding, healing and connections to their own lives.