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Roll Up Your Sleeves with Coach Christine Clark

Coach Christine Clark has forged her life in the fires of self-employment. Christine brings over 55 years of combined entrepreneurial experience to her clients. She addresses the internal mental & emotional blocks that stand between us and a life of significance. She is The Coach for Your Entrepreneurial Life. A gifted engaging speaker and trainer, Christine connects authentically with the room. Addressing the heart of the challenges that limit potential she leads people to their greatness. She is the creator of Forging A Life a fascinating approach to understanding the factors that make us exceptional i.e. what’s in our steel and how to construct a life of flow, function, and beauty.

Christine holds several coaching certifications including I.G.N.I.T.E. Breakthrough Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Coach, Neuro-Transformational Results Coach, Motivating the Masses Platinum Partner Personal Development Coach, and Elite Success Systems Master Coach