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Getting to know your crazy with Susan Denee!

Susan Denee is a certified High Performance coach specializing in woman empowerment. She has coached and mentored women for close to 15 years in four key areas of life; emotions, relationships, health, and professionally. Susan got her start mentoring women in recovery from addiction and alcoholism in 2003. Susan herself, is a recovered alcoholic who got sober in 2001. She attributes her spiritual foundation to the servicing others in recovery. In addition to her coaching, Susan has over 20 years in the accounts receivable industry, where she has accumulated several awards for high performance in revenue production.

She currently is a Marketing Director for Merchants Credit Association based out of Redmond, WA, where she also serves as a corporate trainer for major hospitals and financial institutions. Her most recent training projects are focused around compassionate phone skills for agents in 2018. One of Susan’s passions is public speaking, which inspired her to become a member of Wry Toastmasters, located in Bellevue WA on Thursday mornings. Susan loves to decorate her office with several of her winning ribbons for best speaker!