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The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: What gives you hope right now? With Dr. Crystallee Crain.

Importance of activism, managing ourselves in these tumultuous political times and the good news is that people want to heal!

Crystallee Crain Ph.D. is a public health scholar and human rights activist. She has academic roots in sociology, political science, and psychology. She specializes in exposing the layers of institutional inequality while supporting communities to shift ways of being and practice to improve life chances by bridging the worlds of art, research, and activism. Crystallee’s body of work represents a collective need to strengthen our responses to violence through transformative means, the need for liberation, and a focus on healing as a revolutionary strategy for change. Crystallee holds academic appointments with California State University – East Bay (Department of Political Science) and Prescott College (Social Justice Studies Department). She’s also the Board Secretary of the Seeding Justice Foundation.