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David Essel’s Executive and Entrepreneurs School for Work/Life Balance. Over the past 43 years as a professional in the field of personal growth and self improvement, David has never seen such imbalance in the world of work life experiences for executives and entrepreneurs.The challenges that came from the pandemic have created even deeper workaholic tendencies in many people, and has also released a cascade of addictions that so many executives and entrepreneurs are struggling with today. David Essel created this program, “the school”, with executives and entrepreneurs in mind, to assist them in working towards a healthier work life balance. David has shared this information with major corporations like Nestlé, Discover card, Boeing, Premier radio networks, Westwood One radio networks and many other fortune 500 businesses. It took him almost 30 years as an entrepreneur before he started to realize the importance of work life balance, that he had completely left behind. Instead in its place, came workaholism, addiction, and so many challenges that he had brought about himself because he wasn’t focusing on self-care and any type of balance at all. Website: https://davidessel.com/