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TTR Network – The Dr. Pat Show – Changing World of Media with Special Guest Steve Allen

Everything your mother should have told you and didn’t! Steve Allen boasts a 31-year career as a public relations executive, during which time he has designed, developed and overseen hundreds of public relations campaigns to promote clients’ expertise, books, products, and images on local and national levels. He has co-founded three different media communications companies, Anthony Mora Communications, Allen Mora Media, and Enlightened Innertainment, and is now Founder and President of Steve Allen Media: PR with a Conscience, which specializes in promoting material of an educating, stimulating and enlightening nature. He also co-founded A Wing and A Prayer; a production company devoted to self-help and matters of the spirit. In this regard, he designed, promoted, and produced seminars on a national level as well as developed products ancillary to these promotions and productions. Website: https://steveallenmedia.com/