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TTR Network – Soul Inspired Reflections with Gina Lobito

Soul Inspired Reflections with Gina Lobito: Ascension; A Humble Awakening of The Heart: Importance of Connection to Gaia and the relationship with Your Earthly Embodiment and Physical Body.

Based on my coaching approach to assist Lightworkers build Foundational Skills to be In-Body, In-Power, and In-Soul while experiencing an Awakening, Ascension and Embodiment of Cosmic Christ Consciousness Energies. Primary focus will be “In-Body” Staying in the physical body is a vital skill to assist with grounding, heart opening, and navigating the ascension process and holding higher frequencies and vibrations. Lady Gaia, Earth Star Chakra, Arch Angel Sandalphon, Merkabah Activation, invoking the violet flame, Decrees and Mantra assist in obtaining a grounded state of being.