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Recovery Recharged with Ellen Stewart: Pushy Broad From The Bronx®: Relational Recovery with Richard Long ,LCSW, M.DIV.

How can struggling couples develop and maintain healthy relationships overcoming even the most trying circumstances? What is Relational Recovery and why is it so important? Exploring the road to relationship wellness with couples counselor, Richard Long.


Rick began a career in human services in 1975 working with troubled youth and families in the Juvenile Justice System. This led to a Master’s Degree in Social Work and training in addictions and family.

Rick’s own recovery from alcoholism and multiple process addictions began in 1982 and has continued for the past 39 years. This has allowed Rick to integrate both a personal and a professional path that has led to opportunities to work in both public and private settings.

Rick has been both Consultant and Clinical Director at Onsite Workshops in Tennessee since 1990 and has his own Private Practice at home in Pendleton, Indiana.

In 2012 and at age 59-Rick returned back to academia and obtained his second Master’s Degree=this time an M. Div from Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado. This has led to a significant shift in both perspective and in his “walk” with those who suffer from the disconnect of their heart and their basic goodness.

Rick has developed both a skill set and a passion for working with Couples in “relational recovery” and brings an eclectic approach that has a particular sensitivity to those couples who struggle with addictions, codependency and betrayal.

Rick is happily married to his wife Linda and has 3 children.

He is a recent “rescue” owner of an 8 year old 90 lb. Labrador Retriever (named Bear) and is an owner of a “Pre-Loved” (Used) Vinyl Record Store in his hometown.

Music, writing, service work with local food pantries and a good walk in the woods are