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Radical Change with Ease: On the Edge of Dying with Dignity.

Dying is a part of living. Every culture has their beliefs about the nature of dying and what happens after we die. But what about the process of dying? Should we have a choice in the manner in which we die, if we are able? Heroic Measures to keep you alive, at all costs, or Do Not Resuscitate? Which would you choose, if you could? How does the act of suicide fit into the conversation? Is it a sin, should it be illegal, or is it the ultimate act of self-empowerment? Master Healer, Megan Edge, and her esteemed co-host, Dr. Pat, are discussing how Dying with Dignity, or Medical Assistance in Dying (M.A.I.D) came to be a legal option in both Canada and the US, its practical applications and its moral, religious and legal controversies. Megan and Dr. Pat will share some of their personal experiences with death, suicide and M.A.I.D and their insights on how death and dying can be an empowering and healing process.

Website: http://www.meganedge.ca/