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The Law of Attraction Traction with Koren Bierfeldt: Quantum Consciousness, Connection & Creation: The importance of boundaries in managing our energy. Why are boundaries so important and what do we do when we have a toxic person in our lives? Website: http://www.korenbierfeldt.com/ The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: PETA on Importing Monkeys with Dr. Jones Engel & Public Trust in The Press with Dovid Efune! Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel discusses the scientific & public health consequences when monkeys are imported & bred by the National Primate Research Centers. PETA on why federally-funded primate laboratories must close and how listeners can get involved. Dovid Efune discusses relaunched historic newspaper the New York Sun as an online daily with national and international coverage and an aim to help restore public trust in the press. The New York Sun’s motto is “It Shines for All”!