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TTR Network – Forging A Life with Coach Christine!

Beyond the Curve, Calling in Your Unique Destiny: Stick With Your Elements

What is the Destiny you desire? The one you can feel, imagine, and dream IS waiting for you. Through processes that shape, hone, refine, elasticize, and transform us, we’ll go beyond the curve to call in your unique destiny. Just beyond is a vibrant beautifully lit existence aligned with your core self. A reality that resonates with your inherent gifts, talents, & skills. Your elements! You are unique and so is your journey. What is between where you are now and your significance is a path that is knowable. Forging a Life will take imperfect action, leveraging wisdom from community and coaches, learning to believe in your core and trusting the practice of becoming. Are you ready to believe you have what it takes?

Website: http://sunglowtransformation.com/