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TTR Network – Forging A Life

Forging A Life: Beyond the Curve, Calling in Your Unique Destiny: Elemental Gifts. We all have had mountain top experiences. Stood joyful and amazed as giddy exuberance washed over us. We have all been through the fire. Stood like stone as hurt, loss, regret weighed us down. It is life happening as we way find to our destiny. The gift in the steel used to create katana is it will respond according to it’s authentic elemental make up. Your process (your path) is yours alone. The significant events of your life are for you. To shape you. It’s time to acknowledge your elements. Trust your authentic core and claim your unique process that is leading you to a significant life. Episode giveaways: Private Coaching. Build your bonfire and blaze into your destiny with a laser coaching program. One FREE program is given away each month. Email Christine@SunGlowTransformation.com with your name, phone number and email address. Subject line “Free Laser Coaching”. Website: http://sunglowtransformation.com/