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TTR Network – Coffee with the Universe with Lore Goldstein

Be Calm, Collected, and Confident Every Day: My experience with Kundalini yoga, and how I found it can work through subconscious crap quicker than other forms of yoga.

How do you start your day? Are you focused, energized, and tuned in to your higher self? Or do you wake up anxious, unmotivated, and already overwhelmed by your giant to-do list? Stop reacting to life and just being “busy”. Start being on-purpose, and watch your energy and productivity skyrocket!

Welcome to Coffee with the Universe, with Lore Goldstein where we’ll have inspiring and practical conversations around how to reverse daily struggle, and show up calm, collected, and confident instead.

As a psychotherapist, spiritual advisor, and yoga teacher, Lore will discuss all things “morning routine” for increased productivity, mental clarity, greater connection with self, and better decision-making.

So grab your favorite cup of “joe” and come sit down with Lore… Coffee with the Universe starts now.

Website: http://www.cwtu.net/