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TTR Network – Awaken Your Magic Within with Tracy Lynn Wallace

Awaken Your Magic Within with Tracy Lynn Wallace: Reveal unconscious systems & discover your unstoppable freedom power : Redefining Love, Success and Happiness to Awaken Your Magic

Do you remember being told as a child that if you swallow a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow inside of you? Or if you crossed your eyes, they would get stuck like that? As children we are very impressionable, either by what we are told or what we witness. These “lies” or “stories” stick with us for a lifetime unless we either experience or hear something different. Do you know your magic lies underneath so many of the childhood programs that you adopted around love, success and happiness before the age of 7? In this episode, we will dismantle many of those stories and lies so you can truly awaken your magic within!

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