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TruHealth – Reflections of Rae

Co-Host Kasara D’Elene of TruHealth, stops by to have a chat with Dena Marie and author of Reflections of Rae, Mela Peralta. Human sexuality is a complex topic that needs to be discussed with children at the earliest possible time. The topic should first be understood by a child through the awareness and understanding of his or her own body. This book tells a story of a young girl, Rae, as she starts to discover herself, the people, and the world around her through her own body. This story will help young children to practice body autonomy, and body rights privacy. They can learn from Rae how to express consent or refusal toward receiving from and giving to others physical affection. Teachers and parents can also use this storybook to initiate conversations with young children about “safe and unsafe touches”. The story is told in a simple narrative with vivid illustrations and dynamic characters. Young readers, teenagers, and adults will surely enjoy this book for its unique story and educative value.