Plateau Partners Pulse

Troy Hunter: Injury Law Group NW & Justin Park: Romero Park P.S.

On the show are Troy Hunter and Justin Park, both attorneys in the Plateau Partners. While Troy is a personal injury lawyer, Justin specializes in business law. Both Troy and Justin each answer questions from the speed round, touching on what they do, why and how they’re different than others in the same field. Stacy then pits the two friends against each other; having them answer questions about a theoretical situation involving a birthday party with inflatables and the company that provided them; a scenario meant to highlight what each of them do. While on opposing sides in that scenario, one thing they agreed on is the importance of calling a lawyer when you just aren’t sure who to turn to, they jointly point out, even if they’re not who you need, chances are they can direct you to a trusted resource. Find Troy at and Justin at