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Transcendental Judaism

David Lieberman’s Transcendental Judaism: Enlivening the Eternal Within to Uplift Ourselves and the World Jews are seekers and share the universal yearnings: to connect with God or a higher source and to build meaningful lives for us, our families, and our communities. Yet our paths are varied some are more religious, cultural, spiritual, or secular. In clear, modern language, teaching a message that our sages and mystics have known for thousands of years, Transcendental Judaism speaks to us all, offering an avenue that connects us an enlivens and empowers each one of us. The texts and teachings that guide our beliefs and behaviors can be confusing. Why do Torah and Kabbalah seem to be such radically different teachings? What kind of an all-powerful God permit the holocaust? Do we follow the commandments, or do we follow our conscious? What’s the difference between prayer and meditation? Is the Messianic age really coming, or is it our traditional to eternally anticipate it? This book addresses all these questions through an inclusive theology that is based on the shared teachings of Torah and Kabbalah ̶ that all existence arises from “no-thingness”, and that no thingness is the essential makeup of all creation. David Lieberman was raised in a Reform Jewish household and began to immerse himself in Torah in 2003. He is trained as a Spiritual Director, someone who accompanies others on their spiritual journeys. Website(s):