The Original Loretta Brown Show

The Loretta Brown Show – 09 – 12 – 19 – Hatem Ay & Linda Kidby

(Encore Show)

Hatem Aly – a Gate Keeper of Ancient Egypt Sacred Sites, who has over 27-year experiences in leading spiritual tours in Egypt.

Over the past two decades, Hatem has worked with well-known archaeologist, scholars and spiritual teachers all over the world on his amazing tours of Egypt. This has given him the privilege to access first-hand experiences and insights of the ancient Egyptian world, energy connections and scared portals. Such unique journeys has helped him to realize and acknowledge his own path and life mission as a Gate Keeper for those who would like to visit and enter sacred sites of Egypt.

Hatem always feels deeply blessed and grateful to have the privilege of working with people around the world to explore his own country and ancient civilization wisdom. He also has a very strong and unique connection with Horus, God of Sky. He believes Horus is guiding him along this journey to share the magic and wonder of ancient and modern Egypt with the world.

“What one should expect and explore when coming to Egypt?“ Hatem addressed, “to be able to receive and embrace sacred energy and the power of Egypt, you will need to open up and trust the flow, have the willingness to allow divine energy coming through your heart directly. Let the magic arrive in its own way, and don’t expect any particular outcome. It shall be revealed. “