The Original Loretta Brown Show

The Loretta Brown Show – 07 – 18 – 19 – Mary Helen Hensley

Topic: Mary Helen Hensley is a metaphysical healer, chiropractor and international inspirational speaker. She has authored numerous books including Promised by Heaven, The Chakra Fairies, The Pocket Coach and she co-authored the recent number one best-seller, Bringing Death To Life. Her new book, “Understanding is the New Healing” and her first book, Promised by Heaven were recently optioned for TV/film by Donnie Most and Larry Garrison at SilverCreek Entertainment. Her stories will blow your mind. Dr Hensley shares with us a sampling of deeply personal, firsthand accounts of healing and transformation that have taken place in the lives of her patients and in her own personal life. Understanding Is The New Healing will have your hair standing on end as you hang on the edge of your seat while reaching for the nearest box of tissues. From other lifetimes to interactions with other-worldly beings, Mary Helen definitively shows us that the source of our pain and suffering is not always rooted in present time, nor are our current perceptions and belief systems steeped in fact and truth. She has lifted the veil between worlds for all to see and remember who they really are, inviting us to understand our way back to our own healing.