The Remarkable Relationships Show

The Learning Space!!!

Join Mercy Russell for her debut show of The Remarkable Relationships Show and her guest Priscilla Friesen with The Learning Space!!!

The Remarkable Relationships Show brings a fresh perspective on all things related to how humans develop their individual brilliance while navigating the excitement, stickiness and resistance in their relationships. Host Mercy Russell interviews a wide range of relationship experts and ordinary people for their insights and the magic in their stories. Mercy Russell has a 35 year career as a psychotherapist and mentor specializing in relationship systems in the family and the workplace. Her passion is discovering the strength and magic in each person’s story.

In the fall of 2005, Ms. Friesen founded The Learning Space with Regina Carrick and Glennon Gordon. Ms. Friesen’s professional and personal interest has been in the interplay of the brain, physiology and relationships. Guided by the framework of Bowen theory, Ms. Friesen has interwoven self-regulation methodologies, including Biofeedback (a method to develop self-regulation through awareness of physiology, such as muscle tension, heart rate, and hand temperature, allowing one to see the impact of thought and emotion on physiology) and Neurofeedback (offering real-time information about central nervous system/brain wave functioning, affecting the way the brain organizes perception, emotion, and learning) into her work with individuals, couples, families, and organizations and in her teaching.