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The Language Your Body Speaks

Ellen Meredith, DA, EEMAP, is the author of The Language Your Body Speaks. An intuitive and energy medicine practitioner with over 35 years of experience, she has served on the faculty of energy medicine pioneer Donna Eden since 2010 and teaches energy healing techniques all over the world.
Energy healing is based on the premise that energy is our essence and that while our bodies appear to be solid, they are in fact a constantly swirling set of energetic exchanges.
In The Language Your Body Speaks: Self-Healing with Energy Medicine (New World Library, May 5, 2020), author Ellen Meredith, an energy medicine practitioner with over 35 years of experience, recognizes these exchanges as a language in itself.
“Using a vocabulary of light, sound, vibration, imagery, sensation, and other messaging, your body, mind, and spirit are talking with one another, adjusting your physical self to match your thoughts, influencing your thoughts to recognize the needs of your body, and embodying the urgings of your spirit,” writes Ellen. “There is a grammar to this language: patterns of movement and energetic exchange. Like all languages, the subtle energies that you are made of encode meaning and shape your experience.”
The Language Your Body Speaks teaches readers how to speak the energetic language of the body, mind, and spirit through simple experiments, exercises, and practices. It offers a potent, personalized path to healing by teaching readers how to:
· Tune into their body’s subtle energies using all of their senses
· Develop a rich vocabulary of energy communication for dialoguing with their body
· Access the guidance system built into their body
· Respond to their body’s communications in the language of energy to deepen into true communion between body, mind, and spirit
· Activate their body’s miraculous abilities to heal
· Create meaningful energy conversations that allow them to attune to and embody their spirit’s unique nature.
Ellen lives in Marin County in California. Visit her online at