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Christopher Macklin is a global spiritual messenger and extraordinary sage who shares his insights in the fields of spirituality, health and wellness, angels, divination, divine sovereignty and the paranormal. Christopher has been assisting UFO abductees for over 11 years and has discovered the majority of abductions are being carried out by the Grey race, which is a negative race that has been present on the planet and more prevalent in the US since the 1950s.

Dr. Christopher Macklin is a powerful channeling medium and healer from England who utilizes Divine Healing techniques cultivated through Divine Knowledge from God and the spirit world to help people recover form all types of illness. Christopher is able to heal many people simultaneously with the help of God’s Angelic Light Beings who work with Christopher to re-balance the body’s energy field by clearing chakra points and cleansing the body’s meridian field by removing blockages and negative energies.

As an energy worker and medical intuitive, Dr. Macklin’s work focuses on how divine healing works to create positive outcomes and solutions especially during this challenging times. He utilizes the power of vibration, frequency, and divine sovereignty in helping to maintain physical, mental and emotional health. He has developed his protocol for successfully treating viruses, Lyme Disease, HIV/AIDs, Morgellons and other difficult to treat illnesses. Dr. Macklin’s specialty focuses on detoxing the body from vaccine toxicity and he has an Inuit understanding of how vaccines breaks down the body’s immune system and leads to catastrophic consequences.

As an author, his books include “History, Truth & Healing: Manufactured Diseases: HIV/AIDs, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Morgellons, and Lyme Disease” and “Centering the Mind Healing of Chronic Stress, Anxiety, Depression, ADD, OCD & PTSD in Children, Adolescents and Adults”.

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