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The Gift Within Us

A new nonfiction book called The Gift Within Us: Intuition, Spirituality and the Power of Our Own Inner Voice is now available both nationally and globally. The book, which was written by intuition advocate Mary Ann Bohrer, explores one of the most important forms of communication – intuition – which is often overlooked or misunderstood by many people. As Bohrer writes in The Gift Within Us, “My wish? I’m hoping to change the perception of intuition so that everyone can learn to listen to our own inner voice and get divine guidance in the process. We will all benefit greatly if we understand that we all have access to this amazing intuitive wisdom.” And the audience for these messages is growing. According to Pew Research, “About a quarter of U.S. adults (27%) now say that they think of themselves as ‘spiritual but not religious,’ which is up 8 percentage points in five years.” These individuals are turning away from traditional religion but are still yearning for and seeking spiritual connection. And intuition is one pathway to receiving that spiritual guidance. As former Catholic Archbishop Harry J. Flynn states in the book, “This direct connection has always been available to all of us. Some receive this guidance through prayer, some through meditation, and others by simply listening to their inner voice. We all have access to divine wisdom – it’s just a matter of knowing and trusting that we are loved and worthy of receiving that guidance.” For more information about The Gift Within Us visit