Team Doney Coe

The Doctor is IN

This episode of “Team Doney Coe—Helping Pets and their People” features Sarah Vanston, MD, site medical director for Neighborcare Health’s Pike Place Market clinic and Housing and Street Outreach programs. Dr. Sarah is instrumental in helping with the “people” part of “pets and their people” as now pet parents can receive behavioral and physical health support through Team Doney Coe.

So often people who are struggling will take care of their pets first, but at their own expense. This part of Team Doney Coe’s program is meant to insure that people are also getting the help and support they need. In helping people be better and be well it is helping pets too.

It has been wonderful to watch the growth of Doney Coe’s outreach and see it continue to benefit more and more people and pets in our community. And we are glad “The Doctor is IN”.