The Creation's Plan for Humanity

Many feel that the current external chaos in our world is representative of a deeper transformation underway, a change that will affect both humanity and the planet. In this conversation with Christine, psychic medium, channeler, and author Gali Lucy says that what is unfolding now is the illumination of the darkness within many systems within our world, a devolution of those dysfunctional systems, and the creation of a new world. Gali Lucy also shares some of her channeled predictions for the upcoming year.

Gali Lucy, Psychic-Medium, Author, and Architecture Engineer, has channelled with The Creation’s Entities since the age of six.
She channels through her being without any additional tools and advises on a variety of topics world-wide.

She gained vast experience and a positive reputation for accuracy in predicting the future, both on a personal and global level, using X-ray remote vision ability.

She is the author of Divine Creation, The Future, and The Aquarius Age.
These books were dictated to her through channeling with ease and provide simple information regarding what is The Creation’s plan for humanity on planet Earth and to prepare mankind into the entrance of The Aquarius Age.?

Her predictions are available in English and Hebrew at her site, Gali Lucy YouTube Channel, and Gali Lucy Aquarius Age Telegram Channel.

She also sings frequency songs without background music in her Gali Lucy YouTube Channel, while The Creation’s Entities are channeling through her.