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The Cost vs. Value Report: A Useful Research Tool for Remodeling Your Home

Thinking of remodeling your home? Would you appreciate some expert guidance on how to maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)? In other words, remodeling your home in a way that allows you to minimize the money you spend on the improvements, while simultaneously maximizing the value of your home?

Our guest today is Todd Tomalak, Principal Advisor of Building Products for Zonda, a housing market research and advisory group. Zonda produces research reports on various aspects of the housing market. These tools help buyers, home owners, builders, remodelers and product manufacturers make better informed decisions.

In this program, Tom discusses Zonda’s highly respected Cost vs. Value Report (CvV). This FREE, annual report will tell you which remodel project investments are most valued (financially) by future property owners.

For more information on the housing market research tools offered by Zonda go to: