Team Doney Coe

The Best of Doney Coe from 2022

In this episode of Team Doney Coe—Helping Pets and Their People, we have selected segments from interviews that took place during 2022, highlighting such things as the importance of continuity of care, that smart and sensitive care means more and better care, and that triage and emergency care and equipment are important to the ongoing quality of care—the more we serve, the more need we have for equipment and for volunteers with veterinary experience. Thanks to President of the Board of Directors Marti Casey, Dr. Laura and Janna whose work supports Doney Coe, and Dr. Cherri Trusheim whose work also supports Doney Coe. Thank you to all of our donors and volunteers who made amazing things possible in 2022. We look forward to helping more pets and their people in 2023.