Holding Ground

Teen Suicide Awareness and Prevention

On this episode of Holding Ground psychotherapist Laura Richer speaks with Licensed Mental Health Counselor Sarah Skoterro about the signs and causes of suicidality in kids and teens and what parents can do to intervene and help prevent their child being at risk. With 30+ years of national experience as a counselor, trainer, advocate and speaker – Sarah Skoterro still finds joy and compassion in mental health and advocacy for healthcare overall. Her specific interest and dedication is to training and raising awareness of suicide intervention and prevention, her efforts have spanned settings ranging from major corporations in the private sector to community-based not for profit entities, educational settings and hospitals. Of particular focus in her work is the growing need for facile and fast access to care, edification of natural supports and increasing the “normalization” of screening and/asking about mental health factors across all sectors of care. Website(s): https://offtheclockpsych.com/page/6/?fbclid=IwAR093eU9-Lzp4_qtVRgGGle_K3GUovC2C6ud6-sAV5uIXl81QEMfxkZCxT4



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