Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Tammi Moses, A Hoarding Solutions Consultant And Chief Encouragement Officer

Did you know that 2-6% of the US population suffer from hoarding? Despite the years of research, and the numerous cases of deaths, fires, and children living in squalor, hoarding was not officially recognized as a mental illness until 2013.
Listen to this edition of Love From The Hyp”to hear how one local woman is working hard to spread awareness on the severity of hoarding and how she is helping hoarders clean up and clean out.
Tammi Moses, a Hoarding Solutions Consultant and Chief Encouragement Officer will share her insight into the minds of hoarders, her own personal experience with hoarders as a child, and the ways in which she helps those who hoard or family & friends of hoarders.
You won’t want to miss this eye-opening interview!