Talk Cosmos

Talk Cosmos 02 – 01 – 20 Cosmic Collaboration Panel – Uranus Thunder

“In 1781, Uranus discovery broke Saturn’s barrier of the known solar system planets seen with the naked eye in the sky. Uranus breaks all the rules by spinning on its side in a backwards retrograde motion. In modern astrology, it rules the sign of Aquarius. Currently, Uranus entered Taurus May 15 2018 for its seven year transit,” said Sue Rose Minahan, host of the fascinating weekly program.

The Cosmic Collaboration Panel includes host Sue Rose Minahan and two guests Shannon Hayes and Amanda Pierce. Shannon’s a Certified Evolutionary Astrologer and Consultant including Mayan astrology. She’s a stargazer and works with animal spirit cards. Shannon owns a hair salon, nature lover, animal activist and photographer. Amanda Pierce’s a soul-centered astrologer, astrological consultant, and empowerment-based meditation teacher. She holds a BA in Psychology, and is a wellness enthusiast with a passion for healthy eating.