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Susie Rheault Author of “My Wild and Precious Life: A Memoir of Africa”

Susie Rheault brings her new book “My Wild and Precious Life: A Memoir of Africa” to us to share a compelling story of finding our life purpose. And sometimes when we have that idea in mind, we might happen to stumble on it, or it simply comes to us. Susie “stumbled” on an orphanage in Tanzania in 2011. She and her husband were seeking for a meaning work, and in 2 small concrete buildings housing 9 AIDS/HIV positive children, they found what they were looking for. While we search for our purpose, or perhaps in addition to it, we may find ourselves drawn to supporting the work of the Precious Project. While it continues as an orphanage, a key part of the work is education, and currently the elementary school has 350 students. And the focus is to build a secondary school. This is highly important work in the world, and is making a huge difference in these children’s lives, the leaders of tomorrow.