Story U Talk Radio…with Coach Debby

Story U Talk Radio 06 – 20 – 19 Activate Your Gifts!

J Muenz joins Debby in the studio
to help you SEE the gifts
that come to light when you are deeply in tuned with your health.

As you cultivate the skills of an author, you will run into your dreams, your past, and your trauma. J Muenz is a local super duper fitness teacher and health coach who listens to “pain” lodged in the body. Deeply aware, J Muenz offers the brands, “Fearful to Fit” and “Activate Your Gifts” and teaches women to fully release an old story so they can SHIFT into a vibrant, healthy story.

“I can see from a person’s posture which exercises will help them activate a renewed energy and sense of purpose. You won’t know full activation until you tell your doubt and limiting beliefs to shove it.”
says J.

You will deeply benefit from this show as we discuss:

***the body is intelligent
***the mind WANTS to work WITH the body
***the stories we are holding in our mind’s ARE also held in our body.

Check out J Muenz fabulous blog
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