Stop Yo – Yo Dieting And Embrace A Healthy Relationship With Food

Guest: Tracy Cromwell
Description: Health and Fitness Series. Tracy Cromwell was told in 2006 that she was headed for Type 2 Diabetes. A yo-yo-dieter most of her life, the news was frustrating, but put her on the path to wellness. Now fit and strong and taking 100-mile bike rides, Tracy’s journey inspired her to get the credentials to teach others. As a Certified Integrative Health Coach and Personal Trainer, Tracy shares how the food industry is sabotaging our health and how assessing our personal relationship with food is the key to long-term health and wellness. Paying attention and understanding what our body needs throughout the changes in our life is the path to a fit, strong and healthy body. Tresa shares that to be effective in any life pursuit, we must understand the eight distinct dimensions of Self and how they can be developed and aligned for success.

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Host: Tresa Leftenant, Reinventing Her Money