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State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos and more

Eddie Rye ith Co-Host Hayward Evans:

*State Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos, the sole sponsor of House Bill 1918 that created the Central District Community Preservation Development Authority (CD CPDA) comments on the next steps now that a CD CPDA Board of Directors has been installed.

*Shaude’ Moore, Chair, Seattle King County Martin Luther King Jr. Organizing Coalition comments on her new role as a member of the CD CPDA Board of Directors.

*Bobby Alexander, McKinney Coalition Member comments on his participation in the effort to advocate for funding in Olympia during the last legislative session.

*Reverend Dr. Robert L. Manaway, Sr. a Leader of the McKinney Coalition comments on the Clergy’s efforts to bring the CD CPDA to fruition with state and local government funding.

*Ram Dxit, Founding Director, Alliance for Persecuted peoples WorldWide will be joined by Debadutta Dash as they comment on the July 12 4-6 pm (PDT) online town hall Bridging the Racial Divide: How Communities Can Come Together. Register at www.appw.org/events.