Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Spotlighting Treehouse Legislation

Treehouse’ Dawn Rains, VP and Chief Policy and Strategy Officer tells us about the commitment Treehouse has to helping foster kids graduate from high school. Not only do they have a store to support the needs of the foster kids and their families, but they have programs to support as well. The program Dawn stresses in this interview is the mentors that work with the foster kids to keep them on track to graduate from high school, moving from 50% or less that graduate to 75%. Currently they are trying to pass legislation to get more funding to help foster kids graduate and also change the school system within the Juvenile Delinquent Centers. Go to click on “Take Action” on the left of the page put in your info and it will show you your reps and will type the letter for you, go ahead, takes less than 2 minutes.