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Spotlighting Labyrinths with Amanda Knox

Joining me today is Amanda Knox, we talk about her podcast Labyrinths: Getting Lost with Amanda Knox, infertility, The Innocence Project, and so much more. Get to know Amanda for the amazing young lady she has become in spite of all she has been through.
Her podcast Labyrinths: Getting Lost, explores how everyone is navigating their own personal maze, complete with winding paths, dead ends, short cuts, and minotaurs. In Labyrinths, Amanda Knox and her partner Christopher Robinson delve into stories of getting lost and found again through compassionate interviews, philosophical rants, and playful debate with fascinating people. Expect dark and hilarious misadventures, nagging and controversial questions, and above all, expect to arrive at unexpected places.
Labyrinths has featured guests such as Andrew Yang, Malcolm Gladwell, Jon Ronson, Yasmine Mohammed, Dave Navarro, Tim Urban of, LeVar Burton, Yasmine Mohammed, Cheryl Hines, and Mark Olshaker. You can find her podcast: