Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Spotlighting Journey to Forgiveness

In his first book, pastor David Peterson looks beyond the simple and surface-level understanding of why we need to forgive and instead helps us understand how. He also introduces us to God’s complex design and the biochemical workings of our brains that explain why it’s so difficult to do. Neither clinical nor deeply theological, it’s a practical, encouraging and relatively short read that helps readers break the process of forgiveness down into manageable steps when, oftentimes, it feels impossible. Having not only battled Essential Tremors his entire life and the accompanying bullying, harassment and difficulties that have come along with it, David was sexually abused as a child. So, very few possess a better understanding of the process of forgiveness … and the profound transformation that can take place when we’re able to forgive.

Journey to Forgiveness: 21 Milestones to Freedom