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Spirits Unveiled

Michelle Welch is a psychic medium, author, CEO, mother of five, and licensed attorney who employs her intuitive and psychic abilities in high-profile court cases. She hosts the podcast SoulWhat on all listening platforms, YouTube, and hosts Tarot Takeaways, a SoulTopia Instagram series. She owns the Northwest Tarot Symposium (Portland) and The International Divination Event in Dallas.

She was born and raised in Longview, Texas, in a religious family of four. Because of her spiritual childhood, she always had a relationship with angels, God, and other spiritual beings. She attended Baylor Law School to become a licensed attorney and actively practices civil and criminal law. She utilizes her intuitive abilities for jury selections and high-profile cases. Michelle lives with her family in Dallas, Texas.

In her new book “Spirits Unveiled: A Fresh Perspective on Angels, Guides and More,” Michelle presents an impressive variety of energetic beings, from ancestors and animal spirits to elementals and extraterrestrials, and teaches you how to connect with them. Each chapter introduces a particular kind of spirit and provides an example of how to sense its presence, methods for identifying and connecting with it, and strategies for setting boundaries. Michelle Welch demystifies concepts, debunks misconceptions about different spirit beings, and shares ideas for honoring them. Spirits Unveiled explores inspirational spirits like angels, spirit guides, and scarier entities like ghosts and demons. You’ll learn how to scry with elementals, connect with an ascended master, protect against psychic attacks, astral travel, and more. This book helps boost your intuition and spiritual practice by featuring meditations, visualizations, and inspiring stories.   

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