Lift Your Spirits

Soul-Ation – Mindset & Hypnosis

Sharon will be joined by two very special guests, Dr. Peter Gagliardo and Jessaiah Zure. We will be discussing the power of tapping into the subconscious via Hypnosis to break free from limitations and to help us manage stress in chaotic times. Dr. Peter Gagliardo is a dynamic personal development expert, is committed to helping individuals break free from limitations and achieve extraordinary success by unlocking the power of mindset and empowering habits. He guides clients through transformative journeys, dedicated to igniting the greatness within and helping them realize their true potential. Jessaiah Zure is a lover of nature who sees the cycles, and reflections and patterns all around us. She’s the result of the cultures she’s have visited around the world that are so skilled in connecting, ritual, foods, spirituality, dance and music. She is also a Health & Dance Revivalist offering Hypnotherapy & Wellness Sessions. There are many roads to our healing, let us let health lead the way. Website(s): |