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Sharon Maureen welcomes Shanna Rivera who has owned her own thermography business since 2012 and she started Flow Well in 2016. Shanna and the Flow Well team have performed over 7,000 thermography screenings! Shanna has been a trainer with the Professional Academy of Clinical Thermology (PACT) and a BEMER educator. She loves all outdoor activities and spending time with her growing family.

Many women are searching for Medical Thermography for several reasons. They may have an issue they found in their breasts like a lump or pain, there could be a relative or a loved one who has a cancer diagnosis, or they may have cancer and want a radiation free, compression free screening tool to monitor progress safely. Some women search for a preventive screening health analysis.

At Flow Well, we offer Medical Thermography screenings that are possible cancer detection and ideally prevention by using infrared imaging of the body. Not only can thermography detect Breast Cancer but it’s also FDA cleared for Thyroid pathology, Cerebrovascular Health and Neuro-muscular Pathology.

Men, women and even kids utilize our services as an excellent health analysis of the entire body. After you receive your thermography report back, review it with your physician and an expert thermographer. Get the health answers you’ve been searching for with medical thermography. It may save your life! Website: