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SELL BUY: Brenda Morris

A trip to Value Village for a wooden box to “hold her grievances” results in a $21 cabinet, a large picnic basket, and a choice to make between two wedding dresses. However, since that’s not where Stacy is headed, she changes direction and welcomes her friend Brenda Morris, a realtor with Compass, to talk about the market, myths, and missed opportunities like The Copper Castle. Her experience as a local, risk-taking, forward-thinking entrepreneur combined with her life experiences, tenacity, and big heart (part of every commission she earns goes to The Pink Daisy Project) makes Brenda Stacy’s go-to agent. If anyone can find Stacy a unicorn of a place to move next, it’s her. To learn more or connect with Brenda go to You’ll find out more about The Pink Daisy Project or you can donate by clicking the logo on her homepage. To connect with Stacy, go to