Sedona Spotlight

Sedona Spotlight – The Spiritual Side Of Business – Darielle Archer

Today’s show is with an amazing woman. From driving a 18 wheeler and having a life altering awakening, to After experiencing a spiritual re-awakening while behind the wheel of her 18-wheeler, she sold her truck & walked away from a profitable, 6-figure trucking business to follow the calling of her heart.

Now she combines a deep commitment to spiritual growth with a love for technology to support new spiritual coaches & energy healers who are to the point of tears from frustration & overwhelm trying to get their online business off the ground.

She helps her clients define their business, set up the only tech they need, and get known online while navigating fear & self-doubt so they can book consults, get clients, and finally start making money doing the work they were born to do.

Host: Darielle Archer

Guest: Cheryl Kane