Sedona Spotlight

Sedona Spotlight 10 – 26 – 21 Show #7 – Lori Smiskol

The Crystal Bed. Listen to this show with the 5 minute technique for tapping into your higher mind. interview with Dr. Lori Smiskol, shared her use of the amazing crystal bed and brain tap for healing. The crystal helps clean and align our chakras releasing trapped emotions, energy, and patterns, not only from our body but from our cells. The bed has many unique properties and uses for pain relief, reduce inflammation.

If you have never heard of the brain tap, it is a device that helps train the brain to enter different states easily, from a power nap to calming states. Like the light and sound machines of the 80’s. Dr. Smiskol, specializes in many natural therapies.

Host: Darielle Archer
Guest: Dr. Lori Smiskol

Website: Center For New Age