Talk Cosmos

Scorpio/Scorpio: GILGAMESH~Fear to Die

This extraordinary literature’s impact will be discussed with Astrologer/Host Suen and a new guest, Susanna Lowbeer, L.Ac from Portland, Oregon. Susanna’s a healing artist, alchemical creator, renaissance woman with a multi-faceted approach to her life’s work through the lens of healing in the capacity of an acupuncturist, silversmith, potter, and musician — all in the service to the healing arts. Deeply passionate in astrology and all things mythological and magical, she delves into astrology focus of mythological astronomy, studying astrological talismans with Astrologer Gemini Brett. She believes life is art and all art is healing, and marries her love of astrology, metalsmithing, and gemology by creating bespoke Talismans.