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Sagittarius/Aquarius: Galactic Center Reigns 27 Sag

Get ready for Gemini Brett joining with Sue Rose Minahan to discuss ideas that serve to link some understanding between what source we in our essence drive to connect. Gemini Brett known as the Shamaniic Starry Teller who seeks the Signs of the Messenger’s Mind — know in cosmic circles as Astronomy-of-an Astrology Expert/Mystic Mythologist. Brett’s principal intention focuses on retrieval of the Star Songs heard in times before the written word. He transmits the mysteries he finds in sacred sites and living sky through a system of embodied exercise he calls Earthastrology, and through the sacred sciences of the Quadrivium: Geometry, Musical Harmony, Astronomy, and Numbers in Nature. Gemini Brett does consultations, and mentorships. He’s an instructor and national/international conference speaker. 2019 was Great Lakes Astrology Conference (GLAC), Hellenic Astrological Symposium (Athens Greece), and 2020 International Astrology Conference (IVC/Kolkata, India). His Sacred Astronomy Astrologer’s Course is with Organization of Professional Astrology (OPA). He will be speaking at the 2021 OPA Conference.