American Road Trip Talk

Route 66 High Flying Race Part 1

You only have to mention the words “Route 66” and people all over the world begin to conjure up their own visions of this nostalgic ribbon of American highway. I seriously doubt, however, that many if any of you would identify pigeons with that same stretch of asphalt. However, for our guest in this two-part American Road Trip Talk podcast, Route 66 is a feathery racetrack. Randy Goodpasture is the owner, loft manager and organizer of the Route 66 Race in which the contestants are the noble carrier pigeons capable of speeds that will blow your mind for hundreds of miles. In this first part of our conversation Randy gives us the big picture of what a pigeon race is and what it has to do with Route 66. In part 2 we’ll find out more about the character of these noble birds, some of whom were decorated war heroes.