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Rockets in the Sky

Mark’s son Nick was having terrible headaches, and as parents often do, he went to school anyway. When the headaches worsened, they took Nick to see his pediatrician and then a doctor, and then specialists. It was too late and misdiagnosed. He had brain cancer that had not been seen before in NJ. They lost their beloved son, Nick, too young.

Rockets in the Sky is Mark’s memoir on learning to heal. He takes the reader on many twists and turns, from sadness to anger and finally acceptance. It is beautifully written, and he has included some pretty funny family stories. 

Mark began writing in his journal in January 2019 to see if he could heal through the terrible loss of his son, Nicholas. He simply needed to see if he could survive. After two years of writing, he realized he could and would survive. Through the people he met, the mediums, the signs, and sightings of Nicholas, his days got a little easier. 

In Rockets in the Sky, Mark shares his struggles with his faith in God and his grave disappointment in science. How they both let his son Nicholas down, showing no mercy, while he was fighting the last stages of brain cancer. He kept the right people close and found the right tools to help regain and strengthen his faith in God, renew his belief in science, and, most importantly, reconnect with Nicholas. 

If you are going through the loss of a loved one and you’re struggling, we hope what is written within these pages can inspire you to move forward with your life. To bring your loved one’s spirit with you as you go.