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Rituals of the Soul

Author Kori Hahn has always done life her way — living off the grid as a young woman in Alaska; studying with spiritual teachers and soul guides in Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Morocco; surfing around the world. Whether she was seeking adventure, sunshine, or the perfect wave, her primary, perennial quest has consistently been an inner one.
In her new book, Rituals of the Soul: Using the 8 Ancient Principles of Yoga to
Create a Modern & Meaningful Life, Kori shows readers how the 8 principles of yoga can help them connect with and start living from their intuition.
“Our intuition is a soft-spoken, subtle voice whispering from the deepest, most subconscious place within,” writes Kori. “In this book, I will share with you a system for hearing these whispers, through the ancient personal development path of yoga . . . Hearing these whispers is the key to using your
human life for the purpose your soul is asking of you.”
In Rituals of the Soul, venerable principles concerning awareness, intuition, self-knowledge, and manifestation become contemporary practices incorporating visualization, breath work, journaling, affirmations, and meditation. Kori’s approach helps readers personalize these tools, rather than
prescribing a one-size-fits-all path, so they become beloved rituals rather than onerous to-dos. In time, these regular habits grow the soul, and, as Kori shows, can take any reader wherever they most want to be.
“In this book, you will learn to move within, to find clarity on what your soul wants from you, and to put simple daily rituals in place to help make these dreams a reality,” writes Kori. “When you create the rituals for each step and diligently practice them, your life will become more soulful and exciting! Your
life will become the creation of your dreams.”

Kori Hahn is the author of Rituals of the Soul and founder of a community gathering place called the Santosha Society, which is dedicated to travel, surfing, and the soulful. She hosts numerous trips around the world for hundreds of women who study Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, and all things related to soul growth, knowledge, and fulfillment. When she isn’t traveling, she divides her time between Sri Lanka and Southern California.

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