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Rise Up!

In December of 1995, Suzanne Ross experienced a profound miracle that she describes as a divine intervention. In her first book, Wake Up! Awakening through Reflection, she vividly shares this remarkable blessing and how it awakened her ability to channel higher intelligence and align with the authenticity of her highest self. In this second book in the UP! Trilogy, Rise Up! Awakening trough Revelation, Suzanne shares how 15 years later, during her walking meditations in 2010, she found herself shifting into higher dimensional experiences and moving through them as a crystalline light being. She became a disciple in the Vedantic Tradition after receiving a powerful initiation that propelled her into a profound sense of oneness. In one transcendent moment, she became fully aware of the infinite source illuminating all the realms with divine light of pure love. At the same time, the life force of her own kundalini energy activated her third eye and fully ignited her crown chakra. In a moment beyond time, she was braided with the divine blueprint of her eternal soul essence, and ecstatic bliss became her normal. She was instantly overwhelmed by a strong desire to share this pure bliss with all others. Suzanne has since dedicated her life to bringing the higher teachings of divine enlightenment to all of humanity though inspirational books, group workshops, live events, energetic sessions, and internet television series. She is building a community in Sedona, Arizona, the spiritual mecca of North America, where spiritually inspired teachers and seekers can come together. Here, they will be free to live and learn to rejoice and ascend into a higher state of awareness. Together, they will inspire unity and harmony so that pure love and joy can prevail. Born in Shasta County, California, she grew up in the mystical forests of the sacred Mount Shasta, playing with fairies, elementals, and trolls. She was visited regularly by galactic beings who would come at dawn and bless her with celestial love and healing light, and she grew into her ego identity as a teen and young adult, falling asleep in the illusion. At the age of 31, Suzanne experienced an intense awakening which braided her with her higher self. Ever since, she has been dedicated to enhancing the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of her clients, friends, and followers. Suzanne is both the president of Lighten Up! Enterprises and the CEO of Awakening, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. An author, speaker, energy healer, spiritual counselor, and Sedona Mystical Tours guide now living in Sedona, Arizona, she somehow makes time for the role of creator of SciSpi TV, a conscious media network with 9 channels and over 50 shows. PLEASE VISIT HER WEBSITES: www.SciSpi.TV/Lighten-Up-TV