Love From The Hyp with Sakura Sutter

Retired Police Officer & Author, Rodger Ruge and Public Safety Chaplain, Ron Perkins

Our police officers and first responders are burnt out and their morale is exceptionally low. Rightfully so, as our nation faces a serious staffing crisis, so much so, they are offering hiring bonuses. Meanwhile crime is at an all time high in big cities, at 134% higher than the national average right here in Seattle, which is only drastically slowing down response times. Gun violence has also increased substantially since 2020. Not to mention, suicide ideation has risen among law enforcement and first responders due to the trauma of the job, and the lack of mental health and wellness support to address it.

Listen as Retired Police Officer & Author, Rodger Ruge returns to share the truth about the situation with our law enforcement, and why nobody wants to take the job. He will also reveal the hidden truths of the job, and divulge what is really being said from the line. Rodger will also emphasize what we, the public, really need to know and consider, and how we can get involved and help our police in turning things around and trying to get ahead of all this heinous crime.

Public Safety Chaplain, Ron Perkins will also offer up his perspective of the job behind the badge and the trauma that comes with it, as well as how he assists law enforcement and firefighters as a Chaplain, and how he deals with his own trauma of the job.

You won’t want to miss this insightful interview dedicated to Sakura’s cousin Johnny McKenna of the CPD. Rest in Peace. You are missed! You are loved! Thank you for keeping us safe!